Outreach Work & footage from the performance at the Fringe Festival 2014

Throughout the project, Wendy, Chris and the dancers have engaged with a varied of children within the Edinburgh Schools. Using socratic circles the children engaged in theological discussions and in subsequent workshops engage in practical tasks based on their previous ideas. The children also utilised the experiences from the workshops to create poems and art works which were used as further stimulus to the creative process.
short video http://tinyurl.com/heavenly-view

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Footage from the performance can be found at



Dance Artist in Residence at Moray House School of Education University of Edinburgh

Chris Kidd Dance Artist in Residence at Moray House School of Education University of Edinburgh is currently working under the creative direction of Wendy Timmons ( Programme director MSc Dance Science and Education, University of Edinburgh) to develop choreographic works for the Oxygen 2014 Series Fringe Festival performances ( August 11th -15th) . https://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/dance-physical-theatre-and-circus/heavenly-view

The Heavenly View  performance is part of the Oxygen 2014 series and is based upon Mahler’s 4th Symphony, it is a 50 min collection of short works that are part of a collaborative project between the University of Edinburgh and The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, this work is curated by Peter Manning, Professor of New Work at the two institutions.

The choreographic works that have been developed by Chris Kidd ( Dance Artist in Residence, Moray House School of Education) under the creative direction of Wendy Timmons are inspired by the voices of children in Primary schools in Edinburgh ( Canal View, Hillwood, Ratho and Gylemuir) and the residency was supported by Creative Scotland. The costumes have also been designed by Emily Beaney and Kate Hamilton who graduated in June 2014  from Edinburgh College of Art, they too have taken their inspiration form the ideas that came from the primary learners.

The dancers that will be performing include current and alumni students from the MSc Dance Science and Education and the Advanced Training Programme at Morningside Dance Academy, Edinburgh.  The choreographic work was seeded in a creative project in partnership with the Primary schools and the Creative Learning Directive at Edinburgh City Council.



The Creative approach to the work this year is unique: Socratic circle methods were used to facilitate the debates and these productive experiences and interactions brought forth a range of “voices”, texts, poetry, movement and artwork created by the children. The creative team are using this plethora of material to inform and feed in to the choreographic process and performance.

“Unique Flipped Classroom” approach to the work: The creative project in the schools meant that  the productive experiences have preceded the young learners reception of the work,  all the pupils that attended the creative workshops have been offered tickets to the performance, these tickets are funded by Moray House School of Education in thanks for their contribution to the work. This creative method has provided a unique “bottom up” or flipped production-reception approach to what will be for some of these primary learners their first “lived experience” at a cultural festival of the arts.



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